Figure 3 plus means that the fresh quiddity out of internet memes try with the so it cohesiveness-uniqueness nexus

Once the shown, meme family members that were found to be the quintessential cohesive was in fact also men and women sharing original unique content and you can form functions (Roentgen 2 = .83). For example, “Too Damn Highest” exclusively works closely with governmental situations, along with “Pictures of the day,” most period integrated one another graphic and tunes modifications.

It screens around three levels of quiddity concreteness, proving you to definitely meme family with an extremely visible and Dating in your 40s dating site you will real quiddity (an object or a specific reputation) and additionally tended to have significantly more cohesive and you can original unique content, participation, and you may setting generic qualities. The brand new over the top large countless “Superstar Conflicts Child” exemplify it loved ones. The consistent presence of one’s unique sword on the vast majority out of era given so it meme nearest and dearest a real quiddity. But meanwhile, a few of the instances was much like both into the new simple setting, contribution, and you will stuff qualities, talking about the newest seemingly novel items away from fights.


In this investigation, we functioning a massive-size data to investigate the fresh templates and you will formations underpinning Websites meme networks. Our deviation point was a theoretical difference between a few forces that join websites memes together: the particular quiddities of their own nearest and dearest plus the common services of the broader meme society. I strived not only to provide a descriptive overview of this type of forces, as well as to explain how they are regarding both, and also to the dwelling from meme sites. The newest conclusions associated with the exploratory foray sign up for the brand new books to the web sites memes in several theoretical and methodological domain names, once the described below.

Pinpointing prominent quiddity models: The studies found five style of quiddities – target, specific character, universal character, step, and you can words. The truth that step is the most frequent is specially revealing: In many cases, it showed the new embodied character of internet sites memes, which create for the performances of people that replicate other people on personal areas (Shifman, 2013 ). Imitating a task into the an individual’s individual way is primarily easy to manage plus the style is simple understand (Lewis, 2012 ). As such, this may be the an enticing means to fix tend to be oneself into the new memetic replace.

Contour 3 demonstrates on the a scatter area graph the significant positive relationship within quiddity concreteness regarding meme parents and the cohesiveness and you can individuality of the simple services

Distinguishing the brand new traditional (and you will periphery) of your own memetic sphere: I defined new main-stream out of meme culture by explaining the absolute most popular articles, contribution, and you can form attributes of popular websites memes as well as their days. Supporting earlier qualitative observations (Milner, 2012 , 2013c), it actually was found that white men young ones and you will teenagers was basically the average users usually. Popular culture, dinner, and you will brand new news was indeed the most common subject areas, if you’re governmental blogs was way less commonplace. These types of findings validate prior to talks of one’s “whimsical” gist from internet memes in addition to their good connection to pop music culture (Knobel & Lankshear, 2007 ; Shifman, 2012 ).

The brand new cohesiveness and you will individuality away from meme family members: Considering the difference in quiddity and you will common services, the fresh new cohesiveness of an excellent meme relatives in terms of simple articles, participation, and function is not protected. Our very own results indicate that even if meme parents are often natural, the degree of cohesiveness varies anywhere between family. A main function that individuals seen to be synchronised using this type of variability was uniqueness, or length regarding popular. The greater amount of unique an effective meme household members try, the greater the new resemblance of characteristics certainly one of their circumstances. So it trying to find validates what we should marked because individuality-cohesiveness pendulum: They demonstrates the basic stress ranging from communality and you may personality underpinning users’ reasons is additionally manifested about sites of memes one to they create.

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